The product number is VERY important. Please triple check the number to make sure that this is the item you want. We are not responsible for wrong items or quantity ordered.
The quantity refers to “how many” you want. If the product number refers to a case (i.e. 12/24oz.), indicate how many cases you would like to purchase. If the product number refers to a single item (i.e. 1/12oz.), indicate how many single items you want (must be no less than 3). If you order a case, you must purchase the entire case. We do not split orders for you. In the UNFI catalog, PLEASE NOTE THE WAREHOUSE CODE AND BE SURE IT IS EITHER BLANK OR INCLUDES THE LETTER “C”. OUR PRODUCTS SHIP FROM THE CHESTERFIELD, NH WAREHOUSE.
For the item description, we need the Brand and Product.
The Price needs to be from the Current Price List for the catalogue changes regularly. Sale price items are in an effect according to the current month catalogue. Catalogues are printed each month in advance. There are some cases when the price will increase for your order.
You are responsible for what you order. If you make a mistake, you must pay a 15% restocking fee. If you need assistance in filling out the order form, please contact us.
If you find a mistake when you pick up your order and return home, please notify us the same day. Items to be returned must be in the store within two days of delivery. We will not pick up.
Due to holidays, the delivery days are subject to change.
Prices are subject to change. Product could change in the middle of the month after the catalogues have been printed. We will not honor the catalogue price if this happens.
We will not backorder items for you. You must re-order on your next order.
Down to the Nitty Gritty
All UNFI Co op orders must be received by the close of the business on Wednesday and will be available for pick-up after 11 am on Saturday or the following Monday. For Associated Buyers, we need your order by the close of day on Monday (of the order week) and it is available for pick up the Saturday of the same week. There is a 5% surcharge for UNFI orders, and a 10% surcharge for Associated Buyers orders. The surcharge will be added to all orders at the time of pickup. We do not back order out of stock items. Our wholesaler does not give any rainchecks to out of stock items. All orders must be picked up by the end of our business day on Monday. If you have any questions, please call or stop in. We are here to help in any way.