Whole Life Co-Op

Welcome to the Whole Life Co-op! We provide a service that helps you save both time and money, two things that everyone can use. What is special about our co-op is you do almost nothing! You fill out the order form, fax, and drop it off, mail, or phone. We then place the order and get it ready for you. An order is placed every week and available Saturday for pick up.

How do I become a Co-op Buying Club Member?
1. Complete our Co-op Membership Agreement. Deliver it to the market or fax it to 255-8866.

2. You will receive a Co-op Member Number after approval of the agreement.

Is there a membership fee?
There is no yearly charge for being a member. For UNFI Buying Club, the only cost to you is purchasing the bi-annual catalogue which is $2.50, then monthly sale flyers at $1.50. For Associated Buyers, you will need to search on www.assocbuyers.com to view a catalog.

How do I place an order?
Filling out the order form is simple, deciding what you need is the hard part! You can fill out our printable Co-op Order Form and deliver it to the store, or you can Order Online.

There is a $25.00 minimum per order. You must order three of each on any item that is sold in singles. You will need a current UNFI catalogs when completing your orders. You may purchase your sale catalogue from our store for $1.50. We need the following information on the order form: Product number, Quantity, Item Description, Price, and Page Number.